Versace’s Sporty Seduction

Article publié le 25 janvier 2016

Texte : Jessica Michault

Somehow it seemed apt that it would be Donatella Versace who brought the sports universe into the realm of haute couture. After all, the toned and tiny designer knows first hand what it takes to maintain a fit figure and the gear needed to help pull it off.

Crédit : Versace

The idea of bringing in all the fixtures and fittings of, say, mountain climbing rigging to create the fastenings and straps on dresses instantly made this couture show feel current. As did the color palette that went for the neon hues favored in exercise clothing. The construction of the gowns was also sporty at the core. Tops, jackets and dresses came with curving « razorback » cut out designs. And an impressive webbing effect on an undulating short skirt and sleeveless vest hinted at what high tech materials might look like at microscopic level.

Versace also proved she is very up to speed on what is working well right now on the red carpet. Actresses are looking to find new ways to show off their hard-earned bodies with gowns that reveal skin in unexpected places. With the Oscars just a month away, many of the gowns in Sunday’s show fit the « new erogenous zone » bill.  There were apertures just below the bosom, sexy sectional gowns held together by Swarovski-covered ties that left a swath of the torso exposed, and perforated skirts and jackets that made the model’s skin an integral part of design.

It’s true that couture is all about made-to-measure designs. But with this show, Versace is saying it’s not enough to be able to afford her creations, you also have to earn them with hard work and healthy living.

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