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  • Antidote’s ten-year anniversary issue, STATEMENTS, celebrates the values ​​that are the most important to us by giving voice to the ones that are fighting against inequalities. For this special issue, exceptionally composed of near 450 pages – including new articles and fashion stories -, Antidote has gathered the 18 photographers that had each collaborated on one of our previous edition, through a curation of more than 300 pictures that had been published in the magazine these past ten years  – Thomas Lagrange, Giampaolo Sgura, Jan Welters, Txema Yeste, Hans Feurer, Victor Demarchelier, Cuneyt Akeroglu, Miguel Reveriego, Daniel Sannwald, Benjamin Lennox, Ren Hang, Olgaç Bozalp, Yann Weber, Patrick Weldé, Xiangyu Liu, Davit Giorgadze, Byron Spencer and Ferry van der Nat. 

    Texts: Judith Butler’s commitment to radical equality – Assa Traoré, heroine of anti-racist activism – The necessary upgrading of sex workers – Sinéad Burke’s fight for inclusiveness – Kim Petras, performative popstar – The intersectional feminism by Lauren Bastide – Ecosophy by Frédéric Lenoir – Rokhaya Diallo in the face of discrimination – Identity in transit by Paul B. Preciado – In praise of care by Joan Tronto

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