Moncler’s Swiss Style

Article publié le 10 mars 2016

Texte : Jessica Michault
Crédit : Moncler Gamme Rouge

The winter season is always the Moncler Gamme Rouge brand’s happy place. Designing for the cold weather is what this house does best and it showed in this season’s delightful collection created by Giambattista Valli that looked to the Swiss Alps for inspiration.

Of course this meant there had to be some sort of reference to Heidi. So the models had girly braids in their hair, but plaited from front to back and high up on the head in a way that oh so subtly inferred goat horns. Also on Valli’s checklist were fluffy fur lederhosen, platform wooden clogs and Bravaria hats.

However take away all the kooky elements of this collection and there were quite a number of lovely pieces that had some serious sartorial longevity. High on that list were the red and white snowflake sweaters, the edelweiss embroidered peasant blouses and a stand out selection of coats that would make even the most reserved Swiss woman beam with pride of ownership.

In a room surrounded by videos of a Swizterland mountain rang, a soundtrack of impressive yodeling skill and a finale that included a giant cowbell swinging Swiss men’s choir outfitted in their best traditional dress, this lineup left no room for misunderstanding where this show was coming from. And that was a place of pristine designs that made for a winning winter wonderland collection.

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