Anja Rubik’s interview : « I always trust my intuition »

Article publié le 10 juin 2016

Byline : Edouard Risselet
Photos : Collier Schorr

Top model Anja Rubik’s carreer is an exception. Uncommon icon of an uncompromising industry, she was astute enough to anticipate the need for reconversion. Editor-in-chief of her own magazine called 25, she recently launched her eponymous fragrance. 32-year-old Polish model also designed an exclusive summer collection for Parisian label Iro. Interview.

You’ve first started working with Iro starring on their campaign and you end up designing a collection for them, tell us about the process.

After meeting with Arik and Laurent (the founders and artistic directors), I really loved their energy and like most of my projects, it felt right and I always trust my intuition. I thought it would be great to put my spin on things. The process was really about me spending a lot of time in Paris with the Iro team. I flew in and out of Paris for meetings and we discussed every piece in detail. It was a very hands on process and has been a great experience. The team has been lovely to work with and really open to all of my input. I would love to work with them again in the future.

How was it working with Laurent and Arik Bitton on this collection?

We spoke about the vision of the brand and what I could bring on board. They were really open to all my ideas. I wanted to create a line that is timeless and a little bit more sophisticated from what IRO usually offers in their collection. I wanted to design pieces that I want to have in my closet and create a collection that carries an effortless vibe with a modern sexy twist. Laurent and Arik are brothers and it was funny to see how different they are from one another. Arik is more of the creative mind and is more focused more on the design side. Whereas Laurent is more business-minded and pays more detail to functionality. It’s a nice balance.

What do you like about the Iro woman? Who is she?

I like IRO’s style and connect with their vision of a cool hip modern woman. I think she’s a confident free spirit with a strong sense of individuality. She has a tough and feminine side; she is chic and very fashion forward.

Which designers inspire you? Are you influenced by your friend Anthony Vaccarello’s work?

I love what Denma is doing with Vetements and Balenciaga, he’s very talented and starting a new wave of fashion. I have always admired Phoebe Philo. No one can do cool minimalism like she does. I also really love Magda Butrum and Zofia Chylak’s bags. Anthony is a great friend and we share a similar esthetic and vision of a strong sexy woman…. We are always in touch and I think we both influence and inspire each other.  I’m so excited to see what he does with Saint Laurent.

What does this collection tell about you? 

The collection is really a reflection of my personal stye. I wanted to include pieces that I want to wear in real life.  Each item is something special that I feel that every woman should have in her wardrobe; from chic rock pieces to more minimal basics. There is a leather biker, trench coat and kimonos, a great hoodie, well fitted pants, a leather mini skirt, a jump suit – all must haves for every woman’s closet. I like the idea of creating fashion that looks and feels expensive at an accessible price point. The collection is meant to be mixed and paired together, creating an effortless vibe with a modern twist. The collection is mainly black and white with a touch of navy and bottle green. I decided on this palette since all the pieces are intended to mix and match in an easy cool way. It really reflects my lifestyle since I travel so much – black and white is the easiest color combination to pack and match. I decided to throw in a print to give the collection more dimension and I wanted one piece to really stand out (the print shirt).

Is sexy the key word for this collection?

I think the key words would be : modern, bold, timeless, cool, chic, sexy. There is a strong sense of originality in the collection and something that every woman will appreciate and love. I hope women feel strong and sexy and in the clothes. It’s important to wear what you love and what makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. As they say, wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.

La collection sera disponible à partir du 15 juin dans les boutiques Iro.

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