Redemption’s Rock and Roll Soul

Article publié le 4 mars 2016

Texte : Jessica Michault
Crédit : Redemption

This season designer Gabriele Moratti decided to take his Redemption brand back to the multicultural microcosm that was Andy Warhol’s Factory.  A place where it didn’t matter what you looked like, where you came from or who you loved as long as you were a free thinking creative spirit. 

Moratti too is a fun-loving carefree kind of guy and his catwalk was an all-inclusive space as long as you were a rock’n’roller in your soul. He had room for Thin White Duke gray trousers and the matching fitted vest. A modern Marianne Faithfull could kill it in a sequined leopard patterned A-line dress and floor skimming long fur trimmed coat. Beyoncé would look fierce in the designer’s shimmering caftan or black tuxedo gown. And MØ could wear the knee-high boots and glossy ribbed cape dress on stage at her next electro pop concert. 

Sufficed to say this collection was all about fashion with attitude. It’s for people with charisma who grab attention wherever they go without even trying. These clothes will just help to heighten the wow factor when they walk in the room. 

A fact proven on the catwalk when super model icon Pat Cleveland closed the show. She lived the Factory heydays and she worked the room, and her Redemption outfit, like a pro. When the other models walked off the catwalk you pictured them just going backstage. When Cleveland exited, she looked like she was heading into a club in full-blown party mode. A true artist in her element.

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