Moncler’s Blue Period

Article publié le 14 février 2016

Texte : Jessica Michault
Crédit : Moncler

Burrrrrrr and blue were the only two conscious thoughts that could actually crystallize in the mind while watching the Moncler show on Saturday night. 

Someone had the bright idea that it would be fun to force the fashion world to stand outside in the biting, well below zero, cold night air at Lincoln Center to take in their fashion show. A show that spent more time on a performance of dancers marching unison (think Super Bowl half time show) dressed in head-to-toe sky blue ski gear with matching helmets and goggles, than it did actually presenting any clothing. 

Let’s just say the industry’s tastemakers were not amused. 

By the time the collection finally walked out into the middle of the square with the models standing like sentinels in a semi-circle, the audience was so cold they truly couldn’t take any of the workmanship in. 

Those smart enough to place themselves along the path the models had to walk to go back inside at the end of the show were able to glimpse a few fun pieces that looked well-constructed and smartly put together. But this was a fashion show designed more for the Internet and social media consumer rather than the buyers or journalists who actually braved the cold. And that lack of consideration tainted any garment born of this cold hearted collection.

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