McCartney Doubles Down on Comfort

Article publié le 7 mars 2016

Texte : Jessica Michault
Crédit : Stella McCartney

Last month at the Oscars one of the most buzzed about dresses on the red carpet was a streamlined tangerine one shoulder number worn by Olivia Munn. It was a Stella McCartney design — and it was fabulous.

Part of what made it so fabulous was how relaxed and comfortable Munn looked compared to all the other actresses who seemed like they had double-spanxed their way into their wardrobe. And this is the secret of McCartney’s sartorial sauce. Much in the same way sustainability is part of the brand’s DNA, she systematically incorporates a modicum of comfort into her creations.

That level was very high this season with a lineup filled with maxi sweater dresses with a ruffle bib, deluxe velvet puffer coats in substantial sizes and roomy harem pants or tops with wide double button cuffs left undone for an added sense of ease.

There is always a playfulness to McCartney’s work and this time it was a white swan print on jacquard garments that brought a smile to the lips. A smile that broadened even further with the appearance of some great 90s slip dress updates that beautifully blended lace details with a pleated skirt finish or one masterfully minimal navy dress that was a matte and shine split down the middle between silk and velvet fabric, left to flap open at the back. She even made tie dye denim relevant again as a boxy knee length coat or midi dress with lacing details at the waist.

This was a feel good / look good collection that will take any woman who invests in it to a very happy place.

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